Open Editions Splash Page


Open Editions should have a splash page you can target to view only live open editions. Right now users are forced to use filters that dont adequately display all and only live OEs.

Open Editions are huge bonus to artists if used properly and given adequate screen time. But since the end of the objkt unlocked event, the tag is no longer is mass use. This leaves us unable to discover new artists via their open edition.

OE's could be displayed on this splash page based on a 1 per account at a time displayed. The newest minted being the one displayed. This creates a storefront that offers daily, weekly, or randomly timed OEs by a wide range of artists. It eliminates the spam of artists having 20 OEs live at a time without removing that option from them.
It provides needed visibility to emerging artists.
It gives artists a place they can be represented without having to compete or be buried.
It gives collectors a new and attractive place to make their regular stop for art discovery and quickly seeing who tezos is.
It simplifies the process of going to your platform to find and buy art I like. Please implement in some form possible.

Thank you for your hard work!