Muting content that could cause health, mental problems (strobe effects, explicit content, ...)

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Hello, I just had a brief discussion on Twitter about images/art with flashing lights/strobe effects that could be an issue for some people, in some cases cause a seizure etc.

This applies also for art that could mentally affect people, for example sensitive, violent, too explizit displays.

On Twitter, for the strobe issue you can use the tags #strobe and #flash, but more important, people affected by these can mute these words and tags wo Twitter won't show them.

In my view it would be a good function for fxhash platorm, too, to be able to mint such art without having to worry about causing health or mental problems for certain viewers.


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John S

I think artists or users should be able to "Flag" as stroboscopic material for those with Epilepsy.

I do not think nudity necessarily requires the same speed and attention since it has no adverse health affects.

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Agree absolutely! Just if the feature would be given, it could probably also serve this purpose.