Upgrade in CSS for SMOL art (hard pixel edges)

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Dear Community

I write here because there is a matter of significance that involves your fellow artists and their artwork.

My name is George Angelis and I am part of the smol movement. I have a minor complain/issue with how my art and fellow smol artists works (100+ artists) are showed in objkt.com. As our canvas limitations are strict to dimensions (24x24 / 16x16 or less), the crispness of our pixels is a significant aspect of how one can see our art properly, would it be too much to ask for an upgrade in css for the crispness of our pixels (hard pixel edges)? Would be nice to express yourself freely even with those "hermit" limitations.

Please find attached some samples how we want our art to look in comparison to now.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support!


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As per admins request i add these links/photos to be more clear that this affects only collection view, not individual NFT view. When browser is on the NFT page, all is regular.

My Hic et Nunc collection has mostly smol art, here it is how it looks on collection view : objkt.com/profile/gangelis/created?fa2=KT1RJ6PbjHpwc3M5rw5s2Nbmefwbuwbdxton&page=2

Individual NFT view : objkt.com/asset/hicetnunc/116918

Thank you!



Also by fixing this i have a feeling that collections at oncyber will look way more better than this. They are aware of the issue there and they showed positive signs in making also this upgrade soon.

Again thank you for your time and support!



UPDATE : Its confirmed from oncyber staff that this will fix also how the pieces look on the galleries there.